60: How Many Gs Do You Have

On this week's show Gabe, Jmoss, and Will talk about:
>> Thoughts on our iPhones
>> 10.1 Beta Fauxkeh
>> James Corden  Music Ad | bit.ly/2cXlOcj
>> MacOS Sierra | apple.co/2cXknua
>> Apple to buy McLaren? | nyti.ms/2cMQ0as
>> Google Allo | apple.co/2ctdYtk
- Google Trips
>> Google Pixel
>> Amazon Photo Prints | amzn.to/2cWW6WN
- Flag | t.co/zjraOhEHk2
- Fracture | www.fractureme.com/
>> Tesla 8.0 | www.tesla.com/software
>> TV
- Stranger Things
- Designated Survivor
- Lethal Weapon
- Quantico

>> Gabe: Vertigo Racing | apple.co/2dna1U8
>> Will: ViewEXIF | apple.co/2dfulXc

59: Completely Devoid Of Luck

On this week's show Gabe, Mike, and Will talk about:
>> iPhone 7 Preorder Experience
- iUP Plan issues
- All Plus models sold out
- T-Mobile & Sprint announce record preorders
- Digitimes says Apple upping count from 75m to 100m by EOY
>> iOS 10 Released
- T-Mobile Says "Don't Install"
-- Giphy | apple.co/2cOTNqj
-- Dark Sky | apple.co/2d3s4hX
-- Breaking News | apple.co/2cTQNF7
>> Apple Hires Peter Stern | on.wsj.com/2ccK9Ik
>> Apple is NOT buying Tidal
>> Apple Music Growth vs Spotify Growth
- New iOS 10 peronalized playlists
>> Twitter Changes
- DMs
- Longer Tweets
- Video App
>> Instagram Changes
>> Amazon
- Audible Freebies for Prime Members | amzn.to/2cEhkpb
- Echo Dot | amzn.to/2cOTbRE
>> Bluetooth rising
>> Samsung formally recalls Note 7 | cnnmon.ie/2cshbFz
>> Movies & TV:
- Moana Trailer | apple.co/2ccGISa
- Crazy Ex-Girlfriend | on.cwtv.com/2cCmXHm
- Speechless | abc.tv/2d3pKb1
- Sully | apple.co/2ceKlMb

>> Will: Grammar Snob | apple.co/2cEgclk
>> Will: Party Parrot | apple.co/2ceJ7kg
>> Gabe: enzo! | apple.co/2cjbzjl

@thebigbeatdown's Beat of the Week:
>>Baroness - "If I Have To Wake Up (Would You Stop The Rain?)”
-I was finally able to see Baroness live this past weekend at Hopscotch 2016. They put on a great show with amazing energy from the band. They have a pretty wild story, that includes a major tour bus accident, that makes it easy for me to cheer for them. The lead singer is also an amazing visual artist (aperfectmonster.com), and makes all of their album artwork. It makes me happy to see that they are still getting after it. I’m linking to a live version of the song, as I cannot find any decent audio online. This song has incredible instrumentation, mixing, and the drum work is just amazing. If you enjoy the live version, please find the studio version via your favorite music outlet source.
>> Video | youtu.be/kc_ggYg906o

58: One Big Sheet Of Shiny

On this week's show Gabe, Jmoss, Mike, and Will talk about:
>> All about Apple's Sep 7th announcement
- Nintendo bringing Mario to iOS | apple.co/2cKH6fx
- Apple Watch series 2 | www.apple.com/apple-watch-series-2/
- iPhone 7 | www.apple.com/iphone-7/
-- AirPods | www.apple.com/airpods/
>> Inside iPhone 7: Why Apple Killed The Headphone Jack | bzfd.it/2c5mNKK
>> Don't Blink | bit.ly/2cIwivr
>> Keynote video | bit.ly/2cLgo7K

>> Will: Record Bird | apple.co/2cfaNDk
>> Gabe: The Vehicles | apple.co/2cjleXq

@thebigbeatdown's Beat of the Week:
Little Shalimar is such a fun and interesting musician to follow. He wrote this album while sick with pneumonia, hence the name. He sings and performs a majority of the instruments on this album, which is an amazing feat by today top 40 standards Plus he plays a kazoo on this jam! Check it out, and get funky!
>> Watch | vimeo.com/29586000
>> Free Download | littleshalimar.bandcamp.com/album/the-n…monia-blues

57: More Competiton, More Better

On this week's show Gabe and Mike talk about:
>> Life updates
- Baby
- The Jungle Book
- Acquisitions
>> Alphabet puts Nest back under Google | for.tn/2c74QcM
>> 2012 Dropbox Hack Worse Than Originally Thought | bit.ly/2cjuVDq
>> Instagram Finally Supports Pinch-to-Zoom | bit.ly/2cjvCwx
>> SpaceX Rocket Explodes on Pad, Destroys Facebook Satellite | bit.ly/2c77pvm
>> Samsung to Recall Note 7 for Exploding Batteries | bit.ly/2bZNEXW
>> Nougat Unable to Run on Snapdragon 800/801 Chipset | bit.ly/2cvQbK3
>> Lenovo Yoga Book and the Future of Computing | bit.ly/2c0hCso
>> Many Headphone Companies Suddenly Releasing Wireless Options This Week
>> EU Calls for Apple to Pay $15bn in Back Taxes to Ireland
>> New 2TB iCloud Stroage Tier | apple.co/2cl9YdR
>> Steve Jobs was Personally Overseeing TV Product Before His Death | on.recode.net/2bPOCRG
>> Apple Previews Siri-kit Enabled Apps | apple.co/2cfkqk5
>> Apple Plans to Remove Old Apps from the App Store | apple.co/2cjvRaK
>> Sep 7th Announcement, Predictions
- Charting our predictions | bit.ly/2c78aVA
>> Plex DVR | bit.ly/2bI6fXO

>> Gabe: Nightgate | apple.co/2cvQrcd
>> Gabe: Gas Cubby | apple.co/2bIoa1X
>> Gabe: LUMINES | apple.co/2c762wM

@thebigbeatdown's Beat of the Week:
Grimace Federation - "Dangerfield w/ Antibalas” | bit.ly/2cjvPPX
Some amazing jazzy/rock instrumental work by these guys. I found them original when Aesop Rock remixed their “Bosico” track (you can see here: youtu.be/PQkbri0v5Js). The remix is incredible, and sent me on a path to find out the origins. Enjoy!

56: Bye, FeliCa

On this week's show Gabe, Jmoss, and Will talk about:
>> Mike had a baby!
>> The iBrain is Here | bit.ly/2bUpuLN
>> Apple Weighs iPhone Video Editing App in Renewed Push on Social | bloom.bg/2bV71NV
>> Apple Plans iPhone for Japan With Tap-to-Pay for Subways | bloom.bg/2ceAbw7
>> Apple Continues to Advance iPhone Security Features to Record Fingerprint of Thieves | bit.ly/2ceA6bJ
>> Sophisticated, persistent mobile attack against high-value targets on iOS | bit.ly/2bLWLdm
>> Google releases Android 7 | bit.ly/2c1z6X6
>> Sony adopts 2-Step authentication | bit.ly/2buzYkk
- NFC Ring | nfcring.com
>> Google warns it will crack down on “intrusive interstitials” in January | selnd.com/2bpaKBE
>> Pinterest Buys Instapaper | read.bi/2bDh78g
>> Vesper shuts down | bit.ly/2buBPp0

>> Jmoss: Duo Mobile | apple.co/2c1yTTJ
>> Will: Top 5 Live | apple.co/2bpbWF5
>> Gabe: Color 6 | apple.co/2c1zQvi
>> Gabe: Lumines | bit.ly/2blnGcl

@thebigbeatdown's Beat of the Week:
The Veils - “Axolotl” - youtu.be/v0IBpUgbTTA
I just learned about The Veils, and this is the lead single off of their album (Total Depravity) coming out 8/26. I love their sound, and it so a great mix of bluesy music with digital elements. I’d highly recommend checking out the entire albums as well. Enjoy!