54: A Different Class of Users

On this week's show Gabe, Mike, and Will talk about:
>> iOS 10 Developer Beta 5, Public Beta 4 surprise release
- Starting fresh
- More betas?
>> Mark Gurman articles
- iPhone | bloom.bg/2aQu0Op
- MacBook Pros | bloom.bg/2b3tlWI
>> Om Malik | Should Apple Buy Netflix? | bit.ly/2b2uhbO
- TWiT Episode 574 | bit.ly/2aQuxja
>> Mike's Spending Spree
- Bose Quiet Comfort 35 | bose.life/2aQv2de
- Nest Cam as a baby monitor | bit.ly/2bc5Glr
- Apple Watch Black Nylon Band | apple.co/2bnmara
>> Will Switches to the Official Twitter App | apple.co/2bcKOhZ
>> Will dives into Vlogging
- Casey Neistat | bit.ly/2aQuUdN
- Shonduras | bit.ly/2aYsqaK
- Sara Dietschy | bit.ly/2blr7lr
- Sam Sheffer | bit.ly/2aYtg7F
- Coe's Quest | bit.ly/2aMyIqB

>> Mike: Lookmark | apple.co/2bmXvGj
>> Gabe: TWC Wifi Finder | apple.co/2bc6V3T
>> Will: Discovery Channels Apps | apple.co/2aMyos5

@thebigbeatdown's Beat of the Week:
De La Soul - "Rock Co. Kane Flow (Feat. MF Doom)”
This song is an absolute banger. As previously noted in this Beat of The Week series, I’m a huge fan of MF DOOM. Having him as a feature on an already solid De La Soul track is just incredible. AND on top of that, DOOM actually showed up to perform it live (a VERY rare occurrence) with De La Soul on late night TV. Check it out!

53: I Think The Kids Call It Insta

On this week's show Gabe, Jmoss, Mike, and Will talk about:
>> Fatherhood
>> AppleTV Remote | apple.co/2azdj5I
- The Talk Show w/Eddy Cue & Craig Federighi | bit.ly/2b8dntn
>> iOS 10 b4 thoughts
- New Keyboard Sounds
- Emoji changes
-- Gun changes to water pistol
- ZWJ Emoji
-- CPG Grey: How Many Countries Are There? | bit.ly/2aNWG7e
>> iOS 9.3.4 Releases | bit.ly/2azeang
- Jailbreaking
>> Apple officially attends Blackhat
- Apple's new security bug bounty program | bit.ly/2b8dkO4
>> Apple rumored to be making a universal guide | on.recode.net/2aAeF4a
>> Will officially drops iCloud Photo Library for Google Photos
>> Mike experiments with Gboard
>> Mike & Will switch to Pocket Casts | apple.co/2azbeov
>> Instagram Stories | bit.ly/2aDBu4z
- Ben Thompson's post | bit.ly/2anzoqI
- Casey Niestat video | bit.ly/2aAfx9e

>> Mike: Pocket Casts 6 | apple.co/2azbeov
>> Jmoss: OpenVPN | apple.co/2aTNeAx
>> Gabe: Atom Tickets | apple.co/2aDAr4D
>> Will: Apple TV Remote | apple.co/2azdj5I

@thebigbeatdown's Beat of the Week:
LAZERBEAK - “Lift Every Voice” 
Lazerbeak is a producer for the collective known as DOOMTREE (as featured on the beat of week a couple of times). This track is from his instrumental album titled “Lava Bangers.” I love this entire album, and it is really fun to listen to. The tracks are all quite short (2 min or less) and he keeps it moving in a way that will have you dancing through the entire tape! **If you struggle with flashing lights, please take caution before watching the video**

52: More Torture Is Coming (With Special Guest Ryan McLeod)

On this special 1 year anniversary episode, Gabe, Mike, and Will interview developer Ryan McLeod, the mind behind Blackbox. We discuss his background, what inspires him, the empathy of good design, and more!

Links referenced:
>> Ryan on Twitter | twitter.com/warpling
>> Blackbox | blackboxpuzzles.com/
- App Store | apple.co/2ai9W7t
>> MATE 006 | bit.ly/2ahVIye
>> Ryan's Medium Articles
- How I got 10,000 five-star reviews in 4 weeks | bit.ly/2aQ1sAb
- Turning the iPhone 6s Into a Digital Scale | bit.ly/2afydqq
>> Loren Brichter | twitter.com/lorenb
>> Andreas Illiger | www.andreasilliger.com/
- Tiny Wings | apple.co/2ai8vWh
>> Bret Victor | worrydream.com/
>> Dark Patterns | bit.ly/2anv32Y
>> Anton Yelchin | bit.ly/2aCekh0
>> OXO Measuring Cup | bit.ly/2ai8Yru
>> Macmoji | bit.ly/2awIv6J
-Farmbot | bit.ly/2autC6f
-Rocket Emoji | bit.ly/2aCRXrk
>> TenOne Designs Mountie | bit.ly/2aj6KSY
>> Halt and Catch Fire | bit.ly/2amxGoe
>> Mr. Robot | www.whoismrrobot.com/
>> Pokémon Go | apple.co/2afzEFh
>> Orbyss | apple.co/2aAyYNb
>> Hyper Light Drifter | www.heart-machine.com/
- Soundtrack | apple.co/2a5uG0Q
>> Isle of Sky | bit.ly/2aj6Jy8

51: App Amnesia

On this week's show Gabe, Mike, and Will talk about:
>> Weekly personal recap
>> Apple transitioning Apple Music Match to iTunes Match fingerprinting, DRM free tracks | bit.ly/2a5uqON
>> iOS 10 Water alert | bit.ly/2a5ReNw
>> SoftBank Group to buy ARM | cnnmon.ie/29Z2TQW
- ATP | bit.ly/2alT7HY
>> Twitter announces official process for getting Verified | bit.ly/2a1kW5U
>> Facebook tests Aquila solar powered internet delivery drone | bit.ly/29Z3hPh
>> Apple, Facebook cooperate with FBI to track down KickAssTorrents creator | bit.ly/29YEVRx
- BitTorrent Live
>> Google makes it easier to edit Maps location data
>> Mike & Will discuss their current app exploration
- Google Maps
- Google Photos
- Spotify
- Reeder
- Newsblur
- 2Do
>> EFF files suit to invalidate DMCA DRM provisions | bit.ly/2ainPPa
>> Jeff Bezos has a cameo in Star Trek: Beyond
>> Mike reviews Ghost Busters
>> Will reviews Stranger Things

>> Gabe: Prisma | apple.co/2alMa9R
>> Will: Snapseed | apple.co/2a0cbWH
>> Mike: Happy Scale | apple.co/2afbD3d
>> Gabe: Mastercard Nearby | apple.co/2aieff3

@thebigbeatdown's Beat of the Week:
Gramatik - “Moar Jive”
I first found Gramatik via Pretty Lights. It is no secret that I love instrumental music, and Gramatik has some serious musical chops. Moar Jive is an amazing example of this, and just a single song out of his impressive catalog. Get up and dance!
Track | bit.ly/2afkDFF

50: I Shaved And I Bought A Mic

On this week's show Jmoss, Mike, and Will talk about:
>> "Babymoons"
>> Pokémon Go
- Google Account Security Woes
>> Nintendo to Release Small Form Factor "NES Classic" | bit.ly/29J1TL0
>> Mike upgrades his Kindle to a Voyage
>> HBO Silicon Valley
>> Dropbox Open-Sources Image Compressions Format | bit.ly/29JBf7g
>> iPhone 7 leaks and rumors
- Bigger camera bump
- Antenna bands shifted
>> TV
- Game of Thrones
-- HBONow app thoughts
- Mr. Robot
- Suits
- The Bachelorette

>> Will: Angies List | apple.co/29Vmm1x
>> Jmoss: Microsoft OneNote | apple.co/29JBob2

@thebigbeatdown's Beat of the Week:
I originally found Aby Wolf via Dessa (of whom has been a Beat of The Week in the past). She has provided backing and supporting vocals on many of her projects. The moment you hear her voice, you can see why she is sought after. Aby has an amazing voice, and solid song writing skills. In this project, I love the production, or lack of production in the tracks. The music seems to support Aby, and let her voice shine on her own in the right moments. I’m loving this new release! For a bonus jam, see her supporting Cecil Otter and Dessa live here (this video gives me chills overtime).
>> Track | bit.ly/29BKMet
>> Video | bit.ly/2a3AQi6